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Overused titles: “Smash Heroes”

I was halfway done with writing Reycralibur when I uncovered TheBulletKnight’s SSB64 “Smash Heroes” and got the idea for a new SSB64 machinima to do after I finish my current one. Fun Fact: TBK’s “SH” is actually the 2nd of three machinimas also titled “Smash Heroes” The first was a Brawl machinima by IzzyTheSmasher and … མུ་མཐུད་ཀློག

Overused titles: Super Smash Bros. Z

List of all web series titled “Super Smash Bros. Z” CastelmanxD, July 2007, 64 Machinima SuperSaiyanCrashD, November 2008, 64 Machinima (Z: Violacion Contextal) dannygho26, April 2009, sprite (Z: Revolution) djmaster100, April 2009, Sprite SuperBoyalexDBGT, June 2009, Sprite ChronosTHEtitans, December 2009, 64 Machinima (Z: Mario vs Metal Mario, Z: Legend of the Link) Geniusanimation, May 2010, … མུ་མཐུད་ཀློག