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YTV’s New Groove

If you’ve been following the business side of things, you will recall that Corus Entertainment now owns 100% of Teletoon Canada Inc, which includes the eponymous flagship network, on the condition that YTV’s programing does not overlap with Teletoon or any of it’s sisters. As a result, YTV has begun airing Teletoon’s past original programming, … མུ་མཐུད་ཀློག

I Don’t Play Many Games

When we downgraded our cable package, I realized that I don’t watch that many TV channels. So I went ahead and deleted some the channels on my Yahoo TV faves. In the same vein, I realized that I don’t play that many games in my spare time. The only games I’ve played over the summer … མུ་མཐུད་ཀློག

M2, a new spinoff channel from Bell Media

Say Bell Media decided to do to MTV2 what they did to Much & M3 last year. In concept, last year marked a refresh for these two channels as they edged further away from their roots, their purpose and, arguably, their mediocrity. As a result, MTV Canada is finally playing the U.S version’s scripted programming, … མུ་མཐུད་ཀློག

MuchMusic 2014 Fall Schedule Thoughts

I know I talk about Much as often as I criticize MTV2 Canada, but I REALLY need to get this off my chest and out of my brain. http://assets.bellmedia.ca.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/2014/02/MUCH_Schedule_Fall_2014.pdf First off, applause to Much for having one of the only coherent schedules among the Much MTV Comedy Networks this season. By cutting down on shows that … མུ་མཐུད་ཀློག

Re: The Rise and Fall of MuchMusic

“The Rise and Fall of MuchMusic” How dare this prick be more popular than me? No, I didn’t read it and I don’t plan on doing so. But I had a feeling Much’s recent actions would have this effect. As usual, the people are complaining about the new Video on Trial and Much’s primetime lineup, while the only … མུ་མཐུད་ཀློག