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2015, Rants

If Bell Media Weren’t Run by Incompentent Morons

1) Comedy Central’s programming would remain on the Comedy Network were it belongs.

2) Comedy Network and Much would put an emphasis on original programming instead of American shows.

3) Much would incorporate more pop culture-related programming (popular shows, movies, talk shows, etc.) instead of just comedies.

3b) Much would actually focus more on music

3c) Much would actually focus more on good music

4) MTV2 would actually air MTV2 shows

4b) Bell Media would acknowledge it’s existence.

5) M3 wouldn’t have to steal shows from better networks

6) Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham would air reruns on Space instead of M3

6b) Space wouldn’t be airing Castle reruns

7) The MuchComedy suite would be just as good as their other channels.

8) I wouldn’t have to waste my time ranting about how much these guys suck at their jobs.







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