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The MTV virus: Why Canada is 99% immune


“In the fall of 2011, all references to ADd [Adult Digital Distraction, an adult programming block] was removed from the channel’s website, however, the block remained on-air. As well, a vast majority of the programs included in the programming block, most notably, programs sourced from adult swim were removed from the schedule. This move was likely due to pressure from the CRTC during the channel’s licence renewal in July 2011; referencing G4’s divestiture from its original nature of service as a channel devoted to technology, the CRTC stated that G4’s “programming is not in compliance with its nature of service definition” and that it detail measures “to ensure that the service is in compliance with its nature of service.”

Basically this means that, unlike the US version, G4 Canada HAS to broadcast programming focused on technology or else! The same rules apply to the Canadian Cartoon Network. Sure, it can broadcast live-action programming (Teletoon has been doing it for YEARS and nobody gave a shit!). But they have to have more of a focus on animated programming. The only thing CNfanbastards have to complain about is the fact that we don’t have a canadian Toonami block (which sucks because Canada is in dire need of a new anime programming block).

When OLN rebranded as Verses and then to the NBC Sports Network, the Canadian version didn’t do the same. Because they would be in violation of their licence. The only reason History Television was able to break this rule was because, let’s face it, even adults hate learning. Just like A&E, they had to do it to attract more viewers or face being shut down.

The only exception to the MTV virus is, ironically, the Canadian MTV channel itself because it uses the licence from talktv (which restricts Music-based programming but even if it didn’t, it would violate it’s licence by being competitive with MuchMusic).

I HATE usage-based billing, but when it comes to television, the CRTC is definitely gonna keep the peace. Now if only we could stop the infestation of Canadian channels rebranded being rebranded as American channels (I’m looking at you History and Lifetime).





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