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MuchMore to rebrand to M3. Thoughts?

[Originally posted on September 21, 2013]

Three reasons why MuchMore rebranding to M3 is a great idea:
1) Keep in mind that Much and MTV are decaying for a reason: nobody watches music video channels anymore. MTV found a niche in reality shows and Much has pop culture shows. MuchMore is presumably the equivalent to VH1, but VH1 is a separate alternative channel from MTV. You can drop the “Music” from MuchMoreMusic but people will still associate it with Much. By changing the name to M3, it can truly become it’s own channel while at the same time acknowledging it’s roots (M3 = Much More Music? Get it?)

2) By swapping out…whatever the hell they were airing before the Bell takeover (reality shows, drama shows, etc) with some of Comedy Network’s shows along some other acquired comedy shows and mixing it with their remaining music-related programming (Video on Trial, Today’s Top 10, Much Countdown), Much was able to remain relevant, unlike G4 USA which is neither the video game and technology related channel it should be nor the male-oriented channel it wanted to be. Now it’s time for MuchMore to do the same.

3) Nobody cares about MuchMore. Between Much and MTV Canada, I’m not sure if anyone is still watching MuchMore. What with reruns of Gilmore Girls, Ed and Supernatural (Which already airs on CHCH and ABC Spark!). Props for picking up where Much left off with music programming (MMTop10.ca, MuchMore Countdown, Juiced) but Aux has them beat. By focusing more on drama shows, shows from CTV, AND music-related programming, M3 will be able to define itself as an separate channel from Much.

4) Along with Aux we already have CMT Canada – which focuses on country music, bpmtv – which covers dance music and Much – which has already proven that pop music will still remain an important part of their brand. Throw in Much’s digital music video channels along with Galaxie, and I don’t see anything wrong with having one less music channel in Canada. …We also have too many movie channels…






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