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About to Take a Break [Update November/December 2014]

Nope. I’m not doing this again. I notice that winter always drains the motivation to work on Reycralibur, so I’m calling it in for now. Alternatively, since it seems I always say one thing but then do something else, by saying I’m not going to work on any series for the rest of the winter, I might just end up doing a remake of Reycralibur, episode five.

Anyway, I’ve finished episode twelve of Reycralibur, but I’m not going to release it just yet. As I’ve said in my last update, I was going back to doing a more straightforward story with Reycralibur. To that end, I am currently working on a remake of episode one. This remake will help streamline the story and drop hints (or rather giant bombs) on what’s going to happen in episode twelve. I’ve already finished filming all the scenes, now it’s just a matter of finding the music and putting it all together. Like the episode three remake, I didn’t reshoot the fight scenes because I’m lazy. Once I finished the episode one remake, I’ll polish up episode twelve before I upload them both.

Meanwhile, in the seventh generation, I’m still making preparations for my return to Brawl machinima. I know I should be looking towards making SSB4 machinima, but I’m an old fashioned guy. If I had the time and money, I would make a few more Melee machinima. I wanted to do something more laid back for my new Brawl machinima series. Something to break up the norm and dismiss the stereotypes Smash Bros. machinima is known for, namely the Smashtasm and Smash King knockoffs, and the fact that Link or Mario is always the main protagonist. Hence, Shin Knights of Brawl.

Arguably, The Abridged Knights of Brawl might be considered a deconstruction or commentary on Brawl machinima as a whole, but that’s for the public to decide. Yes, I know I haven’t even touched TAKOB since episode ten. So far, I’ve decided to turn it into a non-canon mini series, since most of the characters from the previous episodes are gone. The most I’ve done was a mock trailer for the series, and I didn’t get around to dubbing it because I wanted to work on a new Brawl Universe gag dub instead. On a related note, shout out to banjokazooieplush, the man behind the monstrosity, for being such a good sport (or for just being clueless). I’m definitely going to do more gag dubs in the future, but I want the jokes to come naturally.

Finally, keep a eye on my ZippCast channel. Since YouTube is too broken to use, I plan on growing an audience there. No, I’m not switching sites, because I’m still not convinced ZC will stay online much longer.

That’s it for now. See you a few.





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