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I suck at Backstories [Reycralibur Update November 2014]

I’ll cut to the chase.

Forget everything you heard in episodes one and five. Much like episode three, episode five introduces backstories on the Triangle War and Reycralibur’s origin. I am NOT in the mood to redo “The Rouge Rogue” AGAIN, so just forget about what you heard. There was no Teal-Crest tournament and there is no Squire Academy. As far as the Triangle War goes, General Gorous’ backstory is the only one that matters. But, other than that, it is of no importance to the plot. As for episode one, Reycralibur didn’t JUST appear after a decade, but you don’t need me to tell you to forget that load of crap. Do you?

I’ll tell you one thing, the story is easily the most frustrating part about working on the series. I wanted to create a lore behind the series. To that end, I also incorporated little bits of information about the world of Reycralibur through the cold openings in season one. I’ve also tried writing the rest of the story in advance, as well as rewatching previous episodes to avoid having to do retcons. But, the more I go on, the more boring and complicated the story sounds. No amount of lampshading will make it better. In short, the story itself is the reason why it takes so long to make one episode. Because, after all this time, I don’t know where to go next!

So, from this point onward, I’m going to go back to telling a straightforward story. No more flashbacks, no more gambits, no more ass pulls. All you need to know is: There is a sword, it’s been split into three pieces, the bad guys want the three pieces. So the good guys are trying to find them all. You can also forget everything you learned in the cold openings (yes, even the episode three remake) as that’s basically a bunch of mambo jumbo. As far as how the sword was split into three pieces and, of course, Skyru’s true identity, you will learn all of that in episode twelve.

Wanna know the worst part? At some point, I’m gonna have to remake episode one AND episode five before moving on to the final episodes. Keep in mind, that’s AFTER I get through this episode. …This why I’m glad this series is almost over.





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