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Some new Developments [October 2014]

Flow 93-5 has shifted to a new format of throwbacks and new music, ending the dreaded Bell Media era once and for all. G98.7 owner, Fitzroy Gordon, has gotten the greenlight from the CRTC to launch a new television service targeting the Caribbean community. Finally, all anime (even Power Rangers) on YTV has moved to Teletoon, as part of YTV’s more comedic shift in programing (I’m getting a nasty case of Deja vu). All in all, Fall 2014 is looking pretty good for specialty services.

In personal news, I’m still having doubts about making a new series after Reycralibur. Would you believe me if I told you that, after all this time, I only have two scenes done? If you can, then you’ll understand why, if not retire from machinima (HELL NO!), I would like to focus on more short-form stuff. I actually got started on a new gag dub yesterday and I was planning to to start recording lines today. But first, I have to film something for Reycralibur, episode 12. Once I grab the Gamecube Adapter, I will definitely make more Brawl machinima. I’ve been itching to do so for a long time.

Question is, what am I gonna do?





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