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2014, My Tales

I Don’t Play Many Games

When we downgraded our cable package, I realized that I don’t watch that many TV channels. So I went ahead and deleted some the channels on my Yahoo TV faves. In the same vein, I realized that I don’t play that many games in my spare time. The only games I’ve played over the summer were Team Fortress 2 & Hawken. I’ve barely touched my PS3 in months!

So, with games like Destiny and Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution on the rise, I decided to pick up my controller and get back into the console scene. But first, I wanted to clean out my PS3’s hard drive by getting rid of all the games I don’t feel like playing anymore. In the end, I was left with games like Injustice, Remember Me, Saints Row, and Reckoning: all games that I really enjoyed playing but, in the case of the latter three, didn’t finish.

You know how when you stop playing a game, how hard it is to get back into it? That’s what happened with Dragons Dogma and Reckoning. It doesn’t help that Dogma only has one save file, an over-reliance on autosaving, no fast travel, multiple load times, and boring title music thanks to the Dark Arisen update. I almost feel like starting over. Luckily, Reckoning and Remember Me are much easier to get back into.

I ended up getting rid of most of the fighting games on my hard drive too. All I have left was Injustice, which is a hella fun to play, and Mortal Kombat 9, which is also a hella fun to play too once I’ve warmed up! Meanwhile, I might end up getting rid of all the shooters on my drive by the end of the year if the player count on Gotham City Imposters gets any lower. I tried getting into Defiance but, for me, it would have been easier winning a game of deathmatch on Call of Duty. Destiny may very well be the last online game I buy for a console.

I got a Wii U this year for the sole purpose of making Brawl machinima. With my Nintendo Network ID linked to another console, I purposely forbid myself from playing online; an act of protest against that absolutely stupid idea of not letting me use my ID on multiple consoles. But, with games like Smash 4 and Hyrule Warriors being released, I decided to make more use of my console beyond just machinima. Maybe I’ll pick up Bayonetta while I’m at it. Just because I can’t play online, doesn’t mean I can’t play offline!

This fall, since I won’t have anything to watch on TV in the afternoons, I might as well spend more time with my PS3 and my Wii U.





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