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M2, a new spinoff channel from Bell Media

Say Bell Media decided to do to MTV2 what they did to Much & M3 last year. In concept, last year marked a refresh for these two channels as they edged further away from their roots, their purpose and, arguably, their mediocrity. As a result, MTV Canada is finally playing the U.S version’s scripted programming, plus Degrassi, positioning them as BM’s de facto teen channel. However, aside from a lineup refresh, MTV2 was once again left to rot.

Here’s the thing, MTV is licensed as a channel for talk shows. There are only so many shows they’re allowed to play. On the other hand, MTV2 is, in fact, licensed as a network for teens. If MTV can’t play it, they can. Teen dramas, sitcoms, documentaries, even music videos. That being said, for Bell Media to not take advantage of this, choosing instead to cram dramas and old sitcoms into Much and MuchMore, is yet another testament to their incompetence.

So here’s the thing. Let’s say that, in addition to M3, Bell Media launched a companion channel: M2. M2 is a rebrand of MTV2, targeting the same audience but with more contemporary programming. In addition to shows like Saved by the Bell, Malcolm in the Middle, & Degrassi, M2 would also air The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars and Reign. Other programming would include music videos, movies, documentaries, and pretty much anything that teens are into nowadays.

There’s so much good this relaunch could do for the MuchComedy division. With M2 carrying some of the weight, MTV can more of the American version’s shows (even shows from MTV2!) while fulfilling their license requirements. With M2 capturing young adults, M3 can focus more on the “30-something crowd”. If they’re any flaws with this rebrand it’s that, unless Bell negotiates with cable service providers, the new channel will STILL be bundled with actual music networks. Seriously, it’s 2014, why the hell is this still an issue?!

Alternatively, Bell Media can just shut down MTV2 and incorporate it’s programming onto M3. After all, M3 is more wildly available, and it’s not like BM will air any of the American version’s shows anytime soon. Plus, between The Marilyn Dennis Show, Gilmore Girls reruns, and a slew of shows that should be on Bravo, Space (I’m looking at you, Supernatural), & the Comedy Network, M3 could use some new programming.





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