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MuchMusic 2014 Fall Schedule Thoughts

I know I talk about Much as often as I criticize MTV2 Canada, but I REALLY need to get this off my chest and out of my brain.


First off, applause to Much for having one of the only coherent schedules among the Much MTV Comedy Networks this season. By cutting down on shows that people really didn’t need to see (no offense, Exit), they now have more time to spend on the two things they should be broadcasting: music and pop culture-related programming. Meanwhile, The Comedy Network has very little to offer now that most of Comedy Central’s programming airs on Much, M3’s lineup is mediocre times three (apologizes), and MTV2 Canada… Well, who gives a crap?

The weekday comedy block has been largely pushed to primetime. In it’s place, Much will continue to air repeats of The Tonight Show and will now add repeats of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which will transfer from Citytv to The Comedy Network this season. I’ll bet you fans of Conan will take this with envy as they know damn well Much could have done the same for their show last season.

It gets better, because the Comedy Network will air JKL this fall, @midnight will move to Much. Because of this, having already been pushed back to midnight due to Simpsons reruns, movies, and the Countdown, Conan will now be pushed further back to 12:30. Seeing as Much had a legitimate reason for the move (for once), I can’t help but blame Peachtree TV for this.

The 10pm slot has been controversial last year. With the exception of South Park, Tosh.0, Comedy Bang Bang and few others, few of these new shows have anything to do with pop culture. If anything, it’s further proof that Bell Media wants to turn Much into an entertainment network and they don’t give a CRAP about Canada’s music scene. At least CMT Canada is somewhat committed to country music which, for a network owned by the same company that killed Bionix, Scream, CLT and nearly killed The Edge, is saying a lot.

Anyways, this year Much will air TBS’s Men at Work and Angie Tribeca, which are just sitcoms that no one has heard about and, thus, should air on the Comedy Network. Keep in mind that Angie Tribeca will air mid-season, so its your guess what Much will air in it’s place. On the other hand, Much will also air Parks and Recreation, which does have some connection to pop culture as it stars SNL alum Amy Poehler.

Finally, on Fridays, Much will air an episode of Workaholics. You heard me. One episode of Workaholics per week. Bad enough it’s yet another show that should be on the Comedy Network but, at fifty-three episodes, it’s good opportunity to air the show in strip. In fact, what really irks me about Much’s primetime schedule is the way they treat Comedy Central shows. No, I’m not a fan of shows like Tosh.0 and South Park. Sue me, but that’s not the point.

The point is, had these shows been airing on the Comedy Network, not only would they be able to air the new season, but they’d be able to air past episodes as well in primetime. Instead they’re stuck on Much, were they’re limited to graveyard slots and serve no purpose but give the network some extra ratings after dark. 

The most infuriating part is that, in all cases, they have been pushed back because of Simpsons reruns. Hell, the Sunday night South Park Block has been pushed back for reruns of Simpsons reruns. It’s obvious that this lineup is “Too Much for Much” and they need to give some it’s shows to Comedy and M3. Furthermore, in the future, Bell Media needs to just GIVE UP trying to turn Much into something that it’s not. 

You want to do “pop culture”? That’s fine. But Much is not a comedy network, it’s a music network.





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