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Re: The Rise and Fall of MuchMusic

“The Rise and Fall of MuchMusic”

How dare this prick be more popular than me? No, I didn’t read it and I don’t plan on doing so. But I had a feeling Much’s recent actions would have this effect. As usual, the people are complaining about the new Video on Trial and Much’s primetime lineup, while the only problem I saw was the fact that Much is continuing to air series from The Comedy Network and doing little on the music front. What can I say? I’m the smartest person in the world.

Ego aside, it makes no sense. When Much grabbed Tosh.0, South Park, Conan, and The Simpsons from Comedy they should have all set. Now they’ve gone on to steal the likes of Community and Kroll Show and even air second runs of shows like Inside Amy – despite the fact that these shows have very little to do with “pop culture”. 

On the music front, Much has successfully revitalized Video on Trial, which has been unwatchable up until now, and even taped Today’s Top 10 on vacation during spring break. However, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the 2014 MMVAs. I was hoping we’ve abandoned that MTV-esque atmosphere, but, to be blunt, I’m never watching that train wreck ever again. All of that, however, has been overshadowed by the network’s continued promotion of non-music related fare.

Between the MTV shows going to MTV Canada and the launch of M3, I was hoping Much would return to their roots and maybe try going in a different direction. But, I was so caught up in the hype, I didn’t notice that they using comedies to do the same damn thing they were doing with the teen dramas. Once again, Much is outright ignoring their duties as a music network and people, myself included, are taking notice.

Meanwhile, stateside, a new music network – Revolt – has been launched. The catch is that it’s being built as a new kind of music network, one that’s always live and fueled by artists. That’s the kind of music network we need in Canada. 

Anime, black shows, technology, and now music. It’s official: Canadians hate niche television.





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